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Title: A Disastrous Evening, in 3 Parts
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Edgeworth/Phoenix
Word Count: 3527. This thing was 8 pages in Word. 8. Fucking. Pages. (P.S. That's long for me)
Original Prompt: Edgeworth is not just an emo kid with loads of frequent flier miles. So how does Phoenix get someone so utterly damaged to accept his affection--if he can at all?
Warnings: Angst, mild language, alcohol consumption, snogging, a little bit of frot, and more angst.
A/N: First and foremost, this is written for [ profile] poisoninkbottle for the [ profile] gyakusai_swap exchange. So, Merry Christmas/New Years, Cyanide! Hope you enjoy~

That being said, I took some liberties with the prompt, but it did so well lend itself to reinterpretation. ♥ This is left very open-ended on purpose, and there will be no sequel. Also, incidentally, I have discovered that these two are pretty f*cked up, in terms of their relationship. I cannot get enough of it~

A dim part of his mind knew this was a bad idea, but Phoenix had gone very still and his breathing had picked up a hoarse edge and Miles couldn't quite focus on reasons. )

None swapfic related things: RL has EATEN MY SOUL, which is why I've produced next to nothing lately. Evil, evil college essays. EVIL.

Now, time to work on Neb's Christmas present~ :D


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