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This birthday sort of sucks.

Rant. )

I wish I could eat.
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Shit, son, this game is crack. I knew it would be that way but still. I'm a few hours away from dinging 70 in WoW and what do I do? I play Apollo Justice. Ahaha, my guild's gonna be a bit perturbed at me~

My reaction to 4-1. Spoilers abound, obviously, as does ridiculous speculation and an unnerving love of absolutely everyone. )
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For the record, Transformers was BEASTLY awesome. I suppose if you were never into it that much, it might be a bit over-rated, but for fans, there is nothing better. Awesome graphics, spectacular fight scenes and they really did amazing justice to the original series. :D Must go watch it again...

I will refrain from telling my D&D druids to "Transform and roll out!"

So, my summer goal is FINALLY get around to finishing all the games I haven't yet finished.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/GCN (must get the Wii sequel ahhhhh)
Fire Emblem/GBA (omgwtf why can't I BEAT this?)
Champions of Norrath/PS2 (damn you, single player)
Tales of the Abyss/PS2 (though I already know the ending...)
Metroid Prime and Prime 2: Echoes/GCN (Yes, I know how long I've had them, dammit)

Also, I must restrain myself from replaying other games or purchasing new ones (darn you Baten Kaitos 2: Origins).

If there is anyone in my area (or not in my area) who would like an excuse to come hang out with me, Aaron, Ed and I are going boating on the lake sometime in the next week, and we've got room for one or two more. :D
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Saw it last night (8:50 showing). Was rather afraid of getting in school trouble, what with getting back late and all, but I rolled a good bluff check managed to bluff my way out of it. (ha, I'm good)

Lots of WTF moments. Lots. But, they work. Nicely. The ending is such a twist....I was just kinda sitting the theatre during it with my jaw slack. I mean, WOW.

Spoiler rantings behind cut! Seriously, don't read this unless you've seen the movie )
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I'd forgotten how much I loved the B.W. Arc.

Kohza, Crocodile, Mr. Prince, PELL OMG WHY? - SOOOO many amazing characters.

I loved Pell. ;_; His last scene/flashback thing had me in almost-tears. AGAIN.

And Crocodile? Yeah, evil bastard, but damn, he's a smexy evil bastard. And he's really my favorite OP villain, 'cause he's not ridiculous or retarded. HE'S JUST REALLY FUCKIN' EVIL. I LOOOOOVE the really EVIL villains. It makes me very happy.

Kohza/Vivi is pretty adorable.

Mr. Prince is a bad-ass mutherfucker, as is Sanji (I've been reading too much ZoSan doujin; forgot how much Sanji actually ROCKS).

Also, I'm redeveloping a soft spot for Zoro/Nami and Zoro/Tashigi (JUST 'CAUSE). Though my ZoSanZo love is not diminished, and I still <3 me some SmokerxAce.


In other relevant news, LOTS more issues with the you-know-who thing. Things should be VERY interesting this Sunday. WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS THERE.

My IshiIchi doujin still hasn't come in yet. :(


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I'm so accidentally happy.

I like feeling good about myself.


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