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Name:bindings of the expansive mind
Birthdate:Sep 29
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
rian, conqueror of worlds
Ooo, people. How delightful~ You've happened across the all-purpose journal of one Rian (that would be me). I live all over the place, but mostly South Carolina or Pennsylvania with only my laptop for a constant companion.

I'm an Archaeology/History Double Major, as well as a literary enthusiast and attempting to pick up Chinese and French. I'd like to be Indiana Jones when I get out :3

Much of this journal has to do with either gay porn (I like to write it ok) and various rants about games, books, and nerdly things that may be incomprehensible/offensive. Fun stuff, really~ I'm rather smarmy and anal-retentive about grammar, so feel free to drop me a line, but do know I'll likely >:| at net speak and improper commas.
fandoms and randoms
Primary: Tales of the Abyss, Ace Attorney 1-4, Tales of Vesperia, Trigun, Kuroshitsuji and Gintama.

Secondary: Tales of Symphonia, Zelda, The Dresden Files, Baten Kaitos, Final Fantasy XII, Fire Emblem (GCN/Wii/GBA), One Piece, xxxHolic, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Fullmetal Alchemist

Things That Aren't Fandoms But I Still Think Are Rather Nifty: POKEMANS, Harvest Moon, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars
roleplay info
Yuri Lowell [info]lustrolupo
various and sundries
No, seriously. I fucking love history and grammar. I also spell like a Brit sometimes.

States Visited: SC, NC, GS, FL, TN, VA, AL, PA, ML, DC, DE, MD, NY, MA, NJ, OH, MI, IN, TX, CO, CA

Countries Visited: Mexico, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Chinaaaaaa

WoW mains: Currently on WoW hiatus
Vizzarka 80 Troll Surv Hunter // Mal'Ganis // Sanguine Prophecy
Malshara 80 Blood Elf Fire Mage // Mal'Ganis // Sanguine Prophecy
Rhyan 80 Blood Elf Tankadin // Mal'Ganis // Sanguine Prophecy
Wil 65 Human Fury/Prot Warrior // Kirin Tor // Fidelis Kaldorei
10 million alts on at least 5 other servers
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