Apr. 10th, 2010

gwynedd: ([ToA/V] Jade + Raven - Old guys are hot)
Ok so I finally beat P3! Aasuifhai oh my the ending had me on the edge of my seat, even if the final boss was retardedly easy ahaha. Guess that's my own fault for grinding up to 93 beforehand 8D;;;

I definitely cried at the resolution of Akinari's s. link, and thought I was going to die laughing at the Hermit s. link finale. Oh Minato, you smooth-talking manwhore ♥ I really would like to play the Answer eventually but uh. Mandatory hard mode dnw. I'll just....get back to that later.....

To celebrate this momentous occasion I-- booted up P4, aw yeah. Playing this on normal mode to try and work my way up to the Answer. So far I am completely in love with it! Primarily because the cut scene animation isn't retarded (sorry P3, hire better animators), the voice acting is lovely, and Yosuke getting hit in the nads is a running gag. I love me some physical abuse hilarity :9

/goes back to laughing at Yosuke's gay facial expressions


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