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Ok so I finally beat P3! Aasuifhai oh my the ending had me on the edge of my seat, even if the final boss was retardedly easy ahaha. Guess that's my own fault for grinding up to 93 beforehand 8D;;;

I definitely cried at the resolution of Akinari's s. link, and thought I was going to die laughing at the Hermit s. link finale. Oh Minato, you smooth-talking manwhore ♥ I really would like to play the Answer eventually but uh. Mandatory hard mode dnw. I'll just....get back to that later.....

To celebrate this momentous occasion I-- booted up P4, aw yeah. Playing this on normal mode to try and work my way up to the Answer. So far I am completely in love with it! Primarily because the cut scene animation isn't retarded (sorry P3, hire better animators), the voice acting is lovely, and Yosuke getting hit in the nads is a running gag. I love me some physical abuse hilarity :9

/goes back to laughing at Yosuke's gay facial expressions

kate is a fgt, hi rian

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H-hey, don't laugh at me!

hey sup

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lol hard mode.

P4 hard mode isn't too punishing when you're familiar with the game's battle system (/started Hard Mode on 2nd playthrough, but refuse to use the Compendium, because using my badass final boss Personae early game would just be cheap). But I heard P3's one is brutal so who knows.

Also from what I've seen of the Answer, the cutscenes are better animated. Akihiko dodging bullets hell yeahhh
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I am playing P4 on normal and sort of getting rolfpwnd.

I hear it's just these early bosses that are evil and it evens out later but...ugh goddammit Yukiko ;;

on 2010-04-11 02:51 am (UTC)
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Yeah Yukiko as well as the bonus boss you find in her castle later are a real wake-up boss, mostly because you've got less available to use at the time. Definitely gets easier, especially if you're like me and focus on your party's social links so they get their 2nd persona quicker. Chie should have mabufu by the time you reach Yukiko, so you can abuse the Prince's weakness to ice to get Chie extra turns.

on 2010-04-11 02:53 am (UTC)
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I will abuse whatever I need to abuse to beat this shit.

....whyyyy can't I just go back to the entrance and heal like P3 ;;

on 2010-04-11 02:59 am (UTC)
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Because they want to reward efficient hos like me 8) Alternatively you could come back another day? The first time I went through Yukiko's dungeon, it took me 3 days (I didn't realise that once you defeat Yukiko, you can't keep fighting QQ).

Someone else in chat had used Red Wall (you learn it from Slime) on Chie, so that during second phase Chie won't get totally pwnt but I personally didn't use it.


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