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Ok so, remember that strange pastry chef!Yuri drabble I did a while back? I decided to flesh out the verse a bit. Below are character write-ups for Yuri, Flynn, Estelle, and Judith, plus a little bit of general setting. I had more in mind, but then I realized this would be sexier if I wrote mafia!verse instead, so I'll be working on that next.

Setting: NYC, or something like it. I don't wanna be too specific yet - dnw to land myself a 'Did Not Do The Research' trope - but really any large city will work. US (or something like it) because I'm not yet cool enough yet that I can imitate those tiny little cultural quirks or local bits of flavor that other countries, even other Western countries, have. Yes I know the US is huge, but at least I know the geography :|

Yuri and Flynn live in an apartment complex. It's not exactly a prime neighborhood, but it's not a slum either. The area around them is a little hectic - their part of town has some ~*flair*~, plus at least one nearby community college - but pretty safe.

Apartment layout is kitchen, living room, master bedroom (Flynn's room), guest room (Yuri's-room-if-he-feels-like-it), 1.5 bathrooms, and a spare room that's basically a parlor right now. Pool table or something in it. They're somewhere on the middle-ish floors. Decor is...serviceable and mostly clean, but not really high fashion. Neither of them are particularly good at homemaking (and both would probably freak a bit if someone implied that was what they were up to - can you say 'fear of commitment'?).

Timeline-wise, this is set somewhere between ToV: TFS and the game itself. People are aged up because sorry, 20 year old heros don't work in modern-day US. They can't even drink :/

Characters; lovingly stolen from ToV (obviously) and whatever else I feel like (hello TST):

Yuri Lowell: 22, odd jobs mercenary/pastry chef instructor/attempted bassist. Any detrimental/mocking comments about the second bit will earn you a dislocated jaw. He and Flynn grew up in an orphanage in the poorer part of town. The nuns made sure Yuri knew his p's and q's, but he very consciously chooses to never exercise this skill. He's a nice guy, just a little rough around the edges. Gets along well with everyone except: people who look down on him, 'pillars of society', and cops. Often gets topped into carrying groceries for little old ladies.

Got through high school with surprisingly respectable grades, then headed to the police academy with Flynn. Dropped a few months in after getting sick of the legal bullshit cops were expected to work around. Worked as an odd-jobs guy for a year or two on his own, then got nagged into moving in with Flynn after the later finally got accepted to the force. Yes that's right, they've moved in together and have a dog (hello Repede). I'm already planning the wedding (AHAHAHA I CAN'T WRITE THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE AHAHHAHA).

In possession of the following physical alterations - three (3) tattoos; a curved fang on the outside of his right forearm, an ornate rose compass (mirrored and flipped so north is south and everything is backwards and upside down) atop his right hipbone, and Chinese dragon on his left side that starts at his knee, winds around his thigh, and ends (mouth agape) parallel to the compass at the top of his pelvis. Many piercings; two square thick hoops on the top of his left ear, a pierced (wtf is it called) on his right with a barbell, a small lip ring, and a tongue ring. Still debating on if I'd rather him already have or if I should plan to write out his getting of a Prince Albert piercing. What. I like piercings.

Despite his punkish accouterments, Yuri prefers jeans and t-shirts (....rather tight jeans and t-shirts, but nothing too castrating). His hair is usually down, though he'll put it up if the wind's really bad or he's somewhere where it might get caught in shit. None of those high-top ponytails like in game, though - think how he has it up in The First Strike. Wears close-toed shoes (chucks, boots, tennis shoes, guy-flats). Has been known to, when going to concerts or clubs, wear some guyliner. It's a scene thing from his wasted youth, he promises.

Flynn Scifo: 22, rookie cop. Actually gave a rats ass about social niceties and proprieties growing up, so is considerably less caustic than Yuri, mostly - pushed far enough (or when talking to Yuri) Flynn can be just as stubborn, temperamental, impulsive, and generally foul-tempered as Yuri. Drudging up his past or insulting his choice in housemate (or the implications that has about his relationship status) is a good way to find out what angry!Flynn is like. Got just as frustrated with the police hoop-jumping as Yuri, but stuck it out anyway. He's currently under the wing of Captain Alexei, and set to rise fast through the ranks. I plan on him getting to the level of influence he has in his GW app - Captain himself, own squad, Sodia, etc. Flynn does most of the financial wrangling, though not because Yuri's particularly bad it - Flynn just tends to take the initiative more.

May or may not have been valedictorian in high school, almost certainly was in the academy. While he's pretty new to the force, he's also quite well-know - the precinct he works in is one of the better ones (for pay/reputation? idk, learn how cop politics work), and is filled with second generation cops or guys who got in based on connections. As Flynn is a no-body orphan from the bad part of town, he got assigned there purely on merit, and some of the others aren't too fond of his dedication and work ethic. They're not all bad guys, but there's enough rotten eggs to cause problems later. Also, he has caught the eye (NO NOT THAT WAY-- maybe) of Alexei; more on him belowwwww.

Interesting physical traits - .....none? Flynn's got a couple of scars from past shenanigans, but he doesn't have piercings or tattoos or anything else odd like Yuri. He's got to look respectable, after all - part of the job description. However, he doesn't have cop hair! Or anything else that, outside of his uniform, would immediately tip someone off about his job. Spend like 5 seconds with him though and it's hard to see him as anything OTHER than a cop ha ha. He's such a nice boy :3 He's a little bit bigger than Yuri - maybe an extra half inch and 10-15 more pounds. This is part genetics and part working out everyday to stay in shape for catching bad guys.

When off duty and out of his sexy sexy uniform, Flynn dresses fairly similar to Yuri (in fact, they've been known to steal each other's clothes, though this is mostly on accident and usually results in Flynn having to cut himself out of Yuri's ridiculously tight jeans); jeans, t-shirts, close-toed shoes. Flynn is considerably more likely to wear nicer clothes (button downs, blazers, nice shoes, maybe even a tie), just because he's gotten into a habit of looking presentable/professional.

Estelle: 19, isn't she cute <3. Daughter of a diplomat, she was mostly raised abroad and isolated from normal folks. Thanks to this, Estelle has plenty of little overly-polite quirks that reflect her homogeneous and upper-class upbringing. She loves her home country, even if she isn't as familiar with it as she would like, and now that she's an adult she's decided to live there permanently. She very much wants to get out into the world and bit more and learn about other people. Plans on becoming some sort of politician/social reformer in the future, but for now Estelle is just trying to be a regular girl; she is painfully aware of her non-normality and feels like she can't truly speak up for the people if she doesn't know them. Currently enrolled in one of Yuri's cooking classes, partially because she wants to be self-sufficient (and partially because Flynn has accidentally turned her into a Yuri fangirl).

Since she's filthy stinking rich, Estelle lives in a very nice part of the city. However, she's not ostentatious or stuck up, and while she likes nice things she is perfectly content with just a small apartment. It overlooks a nice little park. Her taste in clothing and decor is pretty obviously high-class, but she prefers simple pretty things to anything more ornate. For the sake of realism (what), she's got strawberry-blonde hair in this verse, though she has thought once or twice about dying it that nice shade of pink....

Estelle does a lot of social/public works in her free time, including volunteering at local law enforcement agencies. ~*Coincidentally*~, her local precinct is the one Flynn works at; they know each other casually, and have about the same knight/princess relationship as in canon. Flynn has told her a bit about Yuri (he does blather about him a little more than he realizes~), and she very much wants to meet him. Of course, as soon as Flynn heard she was interested in taking some cooking classes, he pointed her in Yuri's direction (HOPING YURI WOULD BEHAVE HIMSELF). Tah-dah, the OT3 appears! Her and Yuri still need to do more than lob flour at each other, though, so building up to their canon relationship will take a bit more time (and conflict, uhuhuhuhu).

Estelle likes sundresses, skirts, leggings, comfortable blouses, and any sort of shoe without a heel - she wears a lot of strappy things (camis/sandals) in the summer. While she certainly knows how to get fancied up for elite social functions and does love how pretty some of those dresses are, she would usually rather dress for comfort. Estelle also has a love of soft hats and shawls/thin jackets. She doesn't usually wear make-up and her jewelry is fairly minimal. She just wants to fit in with the normal kids /; 3;/

Judith: 23, why yes she is older than the boys. Enigmatic Judy is enigmatic and oh does she love playing that up. She's not very forthcoming about her past, though she will let on that she's not from 'round here (possibly from Montreal or some part of England; just need something close but not too close). She has a very careful (sultry) way of speaking that may or may not be to cover up an accent of some kind, though she lets just enough slip that she can play up the 'why yes I do have a sexy mysterious accent' vibe. Moved to the city a few years back after leaving...wherever it was she came from, and is a bit of a wanderer. While she's got her own apartment, she used to just float from boyfriend-of-the-month to boyfriend-of-the-month, mooching a bit but generally making their lives much better while she was around <3. Currently works as a bouncer and plays set with the band-I-need-to-think-more-about/Yuri. Used to be a cage fighter <3


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