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Angie is attempting to ruin my tough and shonen reputation. THIS DISPLEASES ME I think

So in retaliation I guess I'll... spam about her... or something

SHE'S REALLY LANKY YOU GUYS. I WISH I WAS ALL NICE AND LONG LIKE HER :( /sighs at stubby fingers and thighs. (did I mention her thighs? they are very nice, like the rest of Angie huhuhuhu)

Also why is cuddling the best thing everrrrrrr

So far we have made a cake together and had an exciting night of nerd fun with my friends. By which I mean we played Vesperia on a giant TV and watched Buffy and Angel and listened to people do horrible voice overs for the Fire Emblem script and I made her play ELITE BEAT AGENTS which I still think is one of the most addicting games ever. And then we went to Sheetz, en masse! Delicious food and there were surprisingly few drunk people out for a Saturday night. We didn't get to the hotdog man, though :( Maybe next time she comes down. (If you don't know what Sheetz is, wiki it and bemoan the fact that you are not lucky enough to have it)

Angie is also very sneaky! She topped me into doing my homework, then made the aforementioned post about me while I was reading and then stole the bed when I finished and wished to nap. SHE IS VERY TRICKSY, THIS ONE. But I can't really kick her off the bed because she is sick and making these cute little wibbling noises and HNGH.

In other, non-Angie news! I got AAI ; 3;9 Huzzah. I've finished the first case an feel I should spam about it like I did with AJ a while back (CHECK THE ARCHIVES, IT'S HERE SOMEWHERE).

Edgeworth is, to blatantly steal from Neb, chill as a fucking cucumber. I'd think of something more original, but that is honestly the best way to describe him in this. He's calm and reasonable and logical and somehow manages to be totally serious while keeping that little thread of fail that every single entity in the AA universe has. I love it so much. I sort of miss his moe-moe face and his shoulder-clench sprites from the earlier games, but considering his updated sprites are full of refined sexy and von Karma-esque rapefaces, I can't say I'm complaining. He will cut you, and then he justify it...with evidence!

Gumshoe is so cute I just want to take him home and keep him ; 3; He's like a goddamn puppy and I know he was sort of like that in earlier games, but here we get to seem him exclusively with Edgeworth, so he's constantly an abused puppy. I thiiiink Edgeworth cares somewhere in that logic calculator he calls a heart, but Gumshoe sure as hell can't tell :DDDDD

Portsman was an excellent opening villain. I do so love the goofball bad guys in the series, I really really do.

Other things I adore so far:
-Edgeworth hip-thrust/male model silhouette
-Gumshoe still being bara and adorable.
-THE NEW SPRITES HOLY GOD. They move, they look lovely, and the expressions are so much more complex (even Edgeworth, whose primary expressions seem to be 'smug bastard', 'smugger bastard', 'rapeface', 'lineface', and 'OHSHI---'). I hope Mia shows back up SOMEHOW so I can her in her proper sexy glory.
-All the little references and details to the prior games. AJ felt a lot more disconnected (because it was after a giant timeskip) so it's nice to get all those little hints about the main games. I love me some nostalgia. Examples - Maggey! OLDBAG HAHAHAHA. Edgeworth docking Gumshoe's pay, the earthquake conversation (and Edgeworth's stuttering), the little blips about Phoenix, Edgeworth's couch, examining the STEEL SAMURAI: WARRIOR OF NEO OLDE TOKYO statue and just. things. Lovely things.

Things I am looking forward to!
-Shonen thief girl. I get the feeling Edgeworth will be slightly torn between "THIEVERY IS BAD B|" and "MAN SHONEN IDEALS ARE AWESOME /fanboys" and cannot wait to see this.
-The overarching plot that will be brought to a head and hopefully resolved in a nail-bitingly tense final case. I looooove that part of the game.

And on a final note, this game has solidified my inability to ship AA1-3!Phoenix and Edgeworth. I really can't see it - PW Phoenix is just noooooot on the same wavelength. Hobo, however, is a totally different story, uhuhuhuhu.
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